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Make a Gift

: Lance Ashley (nominated by Starr Holley and Destany Jackson): “For taking us to our Safe Haven training on the UNC Golf Cart.”

TECH: Bernie Leonardo (nominated by David Flynn):  “Extremely helpful with a difficult patient in Rad Onc who required a series of treatments over three weeks.”

CRNA: Stephanie Montague (nominated by Kate Cobb): “Consistent awesomeness. Stephanie can roll with anything. She’s skilled, kind and smart.  The trifecta of goodness.”

RESIDENT: Youlei Li (nominated by Ben Cobb): “For jumping right in to help out on L&D while on night float.  Did a TAP block and epidural with Dr. Dryden.”

FACULTY: Luke McNulty (nominated by Susie Martinelli):  “Luke helped me manage a thoracic case (with a resident new to thoracic) while I was starting an emergency cardiac case.”