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Early April 2023, the strength of UNC Division of Pediatric Anesthesia was on display at the SPA-AAP Pediatric Anesthesiology Annual Meeting in Austin, TX. Meeting attendees and scholarly co-authors included: three faculty (Eva Waller, Hemanth Baboolal, Derek Nelsen); two Pediatric Anesthesia fellows (Michael Greenberg); three residents (Tim Keegan, Ezekiel Egan, Chelsea Willis); and one nurse practitioner (Ashley King).

Ranging from managing perioperative distress to advancing procedural treatment for fetal airway compromise, Pediatric Anesthesia fellows and residents delivered all of UNC’s scholarly presentations at this year’s meeting. Assistant Professor Dr. Derek Nelsen was honored in sharing the SPA’s Bosenberg Regional Anesthesia Award with Duke Department of Anesthesiology co-authors for a study examining association of novel regional anesthesia therapy with analgesic outcomes following pediatric cardiac surgery.

UNC Division of Pediatric Anesthesia faculty members also contributed their leadership talents to the field at this year’s meeting. UNC Professor of Anesthesiology and 2022-2023 Pediatric Anesthesiology Program Directors’ Association President Dr. Concetta Lupa led PAPDA meeting proceedings to advance this SPA sub-entity’s mission of keeping fellowship program directors apprised of current regulatory and educational information related to ACGME-approved pediatric anesthesiology programs. UNC Division Chief of Pediatric Anesthesiology Dr. Sarah Pittenger joined fellow children’s hospitals pediatric anesthesia leaders and SPA Pediatric Anesthesia Leadership Council (PALC) members in discussing shared, common experiences among PALC leaders that can be used to improve and enhance the quality and safety of pediatric perioperative care for children.

Dr. Pittenger concluded: “It was another successful year for UNC at the 2023 SPA-AAP Pediatric Anesthesiology Annual Meeting!  Through leadership, scholarship and advocacy, our team greatly contributes to the care of pediatric patients and to advancement of the field of pediatric anesthesiology.

We thank all of those who contributed to this year’s meeting. Through watching both current and prior UNC trainees present at this meeting, we witnessed the high level of respect UNC Division of Pediatric Anesthesiology commands across the Society for Pediatric Anesthesiology, as well as the difference we make in the perioperative care of children across the country!”