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Applauding UNC Anesthesiology’s May 2023 Star Heels!


STAFF: Valerie Hancock (nominated by Xinming An): “I am thankful for [Valerie’s] assistance with my expense report and travel-related questions.  She has extensive knowledge about UNC travel policy and is always ready to help.”

TECH: Jose Lopez (nominated by Mike Seese): “Jose is new to the weekends and has learned to support all areas independently.  His motivation, dedication, and work ethic are superb and [a model] for others to emulate. We are fortunate to have him on our team!”

CRNA: Matt Cornwell (nominated by Emily Teeter): “Matt got swapped into my room due to a callout and he made it a wonderful day! His enthusiasm and positive attitude are so refreshing!”

RESIDENT: Jose Puentes (nominated by Susie Martinelli): “When on his TICU rotation, Jose came down to the OR to help us start an aortic dissection!”

FACULTY: Ric Serrano (nominated by Lindsey Gouker): “Ric helped start a very sick VIR patient outside of his original assignment on the 4th floor when every other attending was in oral boards.  When I reached out for help, he did not hesitate to talk through our staffing issues and the patient’s clinical situation. Ric went to the MICU with me to help with transport, and we started the case together.  The patient was in urgent need of embolization, and I truly think the VIR procedure saved her life. Thank you, Ric!”