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Beacon Program Staff are able to provide in-person trainings for hospital clinics and departments at many UNC locations.

Trainings are tailored to your specific needs and desires. Beacon Program social workers are passionate and engaging presenters who enjoy educating providers on topics surrounding domestic violence, screening for domestic violence, elder abuse, family violence, child abuse, sexual assault, trauma histories, and other topics. Call our office at 984-974-0470 to speak to a social worker about creating a training specifically for your team.

The Beacon Program is available to provide training to all hospital staff and students in the medical, nursing, and professional schools.

Below are some examples of trainings the Beacon Program has delivered.

  • The Beacon Program – a brief training about the Beacon Program services, and why it is important to consider domestic violence and other forms of abuse as medical providers.
  • Intimate Partner Violence and Breastfeeding – information about offering breastfeeding support to victims and survivors of intimate partner violence, including instances when breastfeeding may not be the best choice.
  • Intimate Partner Violence and Children – the effects of IPV on children who grow up in homes where abuse is occurring, and how providers can provide support.
  • The Ins and Outs of Reporting – information on making Child Protective Services and Adult Protective Services, including the legal requirements to do so.
  • Domestic Violence and Pregnancy – the effects of domestic violence and special circumstances to consider when working with pregnant clients.
  • HerStory of Resilience – the ways that empowerment and violence co-exist, the importance of empowering women, and the implications of women’s empowerment in society.

If you have a specific training need that is not listed here please let us know! If you would like to request a training please complete this Training Request Form and email it to us at