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For Child Abuse

For Child Exposure to Intimate Partner Violence

For Intimate Partner Violence

Screening for Intimate Partner Violence

For Sexual Assault

For Elder Abuse

For Human Trafficking

  1. Video trainings for providers:
    • You can present this material at a meeting or series of meetings, and/or invite providers to view the videos privately.
    • The “Slide Deck” at the end is a Power Point presentation about assessing and intervening with Child Sex Trafficking cases.
  2. National Human Trafficking Resource Center’s Training for Healthcare Professionals:
  3. Rescue and Restore video: “Look Beneath the Surface” Can be used for presentations/trainings—gives a general overview of Human Trafficking.
  4. Rescue and Restore: You can order excellent, free brochures, wallet and coat cards, and posters for health care providers (in multiple languages): These can be distributed to front-line providers.
  5. Rescue and Restore Resource Guide; Goes in depth on available resources.
  6. Office on Trafficking in Persons Fact Sheets:
  7. Health clinic video that can be used in presentations/trainings:
  8. PEDS Human Trafficking webinar series from Children’s Hospital of Atlanta:
  9. Concealable cut & fold Leaflet for possible Human Trafficking victims. Victims are often in denial. This leaflet allows patients to assess and decide for themselves (from Give Way to Freedom):