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Expanded Course Description

Course Directors: Wolfgang Bergmeier and Saskia Neher

Credit(s): 1

Prerequisites: permission of course director (contact Dr. Neher)

Successful completion of this course is required for graduation; it can be taken more than once. Course activities take place during the summer months prior to the Fall semester in which credit is given. Students attend the Biochemistry & Biophysics Student Seminar Series as a prerequisite for both participation as a speaker and course credit in a subsequent year. Senior students (rising third year and beyond) who have advanced to degree candidacy present 30 minute seminars describing their original research. The series is advertised to the full Department and the entire UNC community. Brief written feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of the presentation is provided by the audience. Speakers are also required to attend and provide feedback to the other speakers. Thus, a typical student will satisfy the attendance prerequisite in the first or second summer, participate as a speaker in the third and/or fourth summer and register for course credit in the fourth or fifth Fall semester. The course is co-directed by Drs. Bergmeier and Neher. (Students intending to satisfy the attendance prerequisite should notify Dr. Neher at the beginning of the summer.)