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Myocarditis Foundation Awards 2023 Fellowship Grant Myocarditis Foundation proudly awards 2023 Fellowship Grant to Dr. Swati Sharma of University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

One of the 2023 Fellowship Grants was awarded to Dr. Swati Sharma, for her work on: “The Protective Role of Platelet Protease-activated Receptor4 (PAR4) in Coxsackievirus (CVB3) Myocarditis”.

Dr. Sharma came to the United States from India, in December of 2021. Based on her pre-existing background in blood coagulation and willingness to learn about viral infections and their impact on coagulopathy, she applied to Dr.Antoniak’s lab at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, to continue her scientific training. The Antoniak Lab gave her an opportunity to expand her knowledge and learn about infection induced procoagulant phenotype. Under Dr. Antoniak’s guidance she learned about myocarditis and developed an interest in this understudied field.

Dr. Sharma’s proposed work will provide an important bridge towards her own independent research interest investigating the effects of viral infections on the blood coagulation and their role in inflammatory heart diseases.

(Dr. Silvio Antoniak was the 2009 Fellowship Grant Recipient from the Myocarditis Foundation for his study on Viral Myocarditis.)

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