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The UNC Blood Research Center (BRC) supports trainees at all stages – undergraduates, technicians, doctoral students, postdoctoral researchers and clinical fellows. In the BRC, trainees receive direct scientific mentoring from world-renowned experts in thrombosis, hemostasis, and sickle cell disease. Moreover, the BRC provides opportunities for interdisciplinary collaborative research with multiple investigators in an inspiring academic environment.

Graduate or post-graduate students or clinical trainees (MDs) wishing to work with faculty members in the BRC are encouraged to directly contact individual investigators or the BRC Director to discuss career plans and research endeavors.

The BRC Trainee Committee is comprised of two junior faculty leads, Erica Sparkenbaugh and Bobby Lee, two postdoctoral fellows and one doctoral student. This committee plans and coordinates the programming for the BRC Trainees, which is outlined in the following links: