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Dr. Zibo Li, headshotFunded by AccuNovo Biotechnologies Inc. and the NIH:
STTR: Theranostic NTSR1-targeting Agents for Complementary Management of PSMA-negative Prostate Cancer
The UNC team will work with Accunovo Biotech, Inc. to evaluate the newly developed agents in NTSR1 positive PC3 animal models. Specifically, UNC will perform 64Cu radiolabeling of NTSR1 targeted compounds that are developed by Accunovo Biotech, Inc., perform the imaging study, and select the best agent with high and persistent tumor uptake, and high tumor to background contrast. The selected agent will also be compared with literature reported 3BP-227 and Accunovo’s current lead SR-CP-05 to select the best candidate to move to phase 2.

Funded by Athna Biotech and the NIH:
SBIR: Development of a salt-based nanomedicine for non-muscle invasive bladder cancer
The UNC team will work with Athna Biotech, Inc. on testing the treatment efficacy of SCNPs. Specifically, UNC will establish orthotopic bladder cancer models and instill SCNPs, through a catheter, into the affected bladder. For comparison, control groups including MMC will be tested.

A Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center Tier 1 pilot grant for PSMA targeted radiotherapy


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