Two of the IVIS optical imaging systems recently underwent upgrades.

IVIS Kinetic located in Marsico Hall SB224

The SAI facility has three IVIS optical imaging systems on campus, the IVIS-Kinetic in the Marsico Hall sub-basement imaging facility, the IVIS-100 in the Marsico Hall vivarium, and the IVIS-Lumina in the Genetic Medicine Building. The IVIS-Lumina and Kinetic have recently had software and hardware upgrades, including computer and controller boards. The upgrades will speed up hardware performance and reduce glitches. The software has been updated to the latest version, but the user interface is unchanged so imaging and analysis will be performed as before. The Perkin Elmer technicians were able to transfer the Living Image usernames and passwords (if present) to the new machines, however, the winders login information was not able to be transferred. This means that a new username and password will need to be generated for each user individually. This work is ongoing and most of our current users have been updated. If you have not had a new login created and you plan on using the IVIS systems in the near future please contact us at so that we can take care of this prior to your next imaging session. The funding for this upgrade was supported by UNC Core Facility Advocate Committee (CFAC).

The IVIS-100 is a system that we are setting up in the Marsico Hall vivarium which can be used for bioluminescence studies and is geared towards humanized mouse studies in which keeping a clean environment is paramount.

Our upcoming IVIS optical imaging training sessions, and instructions on how to request training, can be viewed at the following website: