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Radionuclide Productionben_cyclotron

GE PETtrace 880 Cyclotron: The GE PETtrace 880 Cyclotron was installed in 2014 and is dedicated to both academic and clinical studies. The GE PETtrace 880 is capable of accelerating both protons and deuterons for maximum flexibility. The system can be configured with various targets and process systems to produce common PET radioisotopes.

  • Proton beam current 130μA, deuteron beam current 60μA
  • Simultaneous dual-target irradiation
  • Fixed ion source
  • Deliver consistently reproducible yields
  • System configured to produce different PET radionuclides (11C, 18F, 13N, 15O)
  • Six beam ports
  • Housed within a shielded vault

ABT Biomarker Generator: The ABT-BG cyclotron was installed in 2012 and is dedicated to the production of 18F-FDG for clinical studies. The ABT-BG is a 7.5MeV (5μA) “mini”-cyclotron capable of generating 18F at a rate of 1mCi/min. This system was designed for dose-on-demand applications.

  • Automated synthesis of 18F radiotracers
  • Self contained system from irradiation to final product release (radionuclide production, synthesis, QC, final product preparation)
  • Electronic batch reporting system (GLP/GMP compliant)
  • Small foot-print and requires minimal shielding
  • System based on the use of integrated cassettes where reagents and precursor can be loaded into ABT dose-synthesis cards.
  • Built-in sensors for operation and synthesis process monitoring. Manual measurement avoided thus eliminating risk of human error.