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The CASP Learning Series is an annual group of educational events created by and for pharmacists on antimicrobial stewardship topics.


Topic: Updates in Urinary Tract Infection ManagementHeadshot of Nick Kane

Presenter: Nicholas Kane, PharmD

June 2023

Learning objectives:

Review the updated urinary tract infection guideline:

  • Definitions and diagnosis
  • Delirium and UTI
  • Antimicrobial therapy
  • Urine culture interpretation
  • Key points

CASP Learning Series UTI 2023 06 PPT Only

headshot of Renae BoernekeTopic: Penicillin Allergy Assessments

Presenter: Renae Boerneke, PharmD

March 2023

Learning objectives:

Describe impact of penicillin allergy on patient health outcomes
Discuss mechanism of penicillin allergy and crossreactivity among betalactams
Describe FY23 CASP initiative for implementing inpatient pharmacistdriven

CASP Learning Series Penicillin Allergy Evaluations 2023 03


headshot Ethan Rausch PharmDhead shot of Ashley Marx, PharmDTopic: C. difficile

Presenters: Ethan Rausch, PharmD and Ashley Marx, PharmD

April 2022

Learning objectives:

Part 1—Management of C. difficile Infection

  • Interpret C. difficile test results at UNC Medical Center
  • Review the evidence on novel therapies for C. difficile infections
  • Identify scenarios in which the use of fidaxomicin or bezlotoxumab may be appropriate

Part 2—Vancomycin Dosing Guideline Updates for UNCMC

  • Discuss vancomycin AUC and trough monitoring strategies
  • Review updated recommendations for vancomycin monitoring at UNCMC

Part 1 (21 minutes)

image of presenter Ethan Rausch (objectives are described in the recording)






Part 2 (28 minutes)

Presenter Ashley Marx with her first slide (described in presentation)

Part 2a

Part 2b

Part 2c

Part 2d