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The CASP Learning Series is an annual group of educational events created by and for pharmacists on antimicrobial stewardship topics.

Topic: C. difficile

Presenters: Ethan Rausch, PharmD and Ashley Marx, PharmD

April 2022

Learning objectives:

Part 1—Management of C. difficile Infection

  • Interpret C. difficile test results at UNC Medical Center
  • Review the evidence on novel therapies for C. difficile infections
  • Identify scenarios in which the use of fidaxomicin or bezlotoxumab may be appropriate

Part 2—Vancomycin Dosing Guideline Updates for UNCMC

  • Discuss vancomycin AUC and trough monitoring strategies
  • Review updated recommendations for vancomycin monitoring at UNCMC

Part 1 (21 minutes)

image of presenter Ethan Rausch (objectives are described in the recording)






Part 2 (28 minutes)

Presenter Ashley Marx with her first slide (described in presentation)

Part 2a

Part 2b

Part 2c

Part 2d