Meet the Residents

Jonathan DobinHometown: Temple, Texas
Undergraduate School: Southern Methodist University
Medical School: Texas A&M University
Areas of Interest in Emergency Medicine: Emergency Medical Services, Ultrasound
Hobbies: Playing guitar and drums
Why I Chose UNC: Loved the feel of the residency and the residents I met on interview day!


Julian FloresHometown: Flushing, New York
Undergraduate School: City College of New York
Medical School: Harvard University
Areas of Interest in Emergency Medicine: Pediatric, Ultrasound, Global Health
Hobbies: Soccer, traveling, dancing, biking, beach-bumming
Why I Chose UNC: This residency program boasts a special group of people - a collegial, family-feel pervades in all your interactions with the attendings, nurses and fellow co-interns/co-residents. It boasts a strong pediatric experience and has a great mix of academic & community EM! Highly recommend coming here!


Jeffrey FogleHometown: Des Moines, Iowa
Undergraduate School: Moody Bible Institute
Medical School: University of Illinois
Areas of Interest in Emergency Medicine: Global Health, Emergency Medical Services, Tactical
Hobbies: Power lifting and/or running, depending upon how much time and how many kids I have. Also reading theology and philosophy.
Why I Chose UNC: UNC was the convergence of all good things for me and my family. We lived just South of here when I was a Chaplain in the 82nd Airborne and loved visiting the many family-friendly things in the area, including the Museum of Life and Science and, dare I say, the Duke Gardens. We have some family, friends, and a church here, so we felt we would have great support. The teaching staff here is also stacked with world-renowned faculty from diverse backgrounds, more than I realized when I rotated here. Also, I didn't even realize that WakeMed had one of the most amazing simulation centers I had ever run across. Beyond these things, I'm happy not to be somewhere stuck in rush hour every day when I would rather get home to be with my family.


Cory HinesHometown: Columbus, Ohio
Undergraduate School: Indiana Wesleyan University
Medical School: University of Toledo
Areas of Interest in Emergency Medicine: Administration, Quality and Safety, Global Health
Hobbies: Running; Playing with my dog, Dex; Ohio State and Cleveland professional sports; Exploring all of Raleigh/Durham's awesome breweries
Why I Chose UNC: THE PEOPLE; we have the opportunity to work with and learn from some of the true pioneers in our field. We get a great experience at a large academic hospital and then supplement that with time at Wake where we learn large center community medicine and efficiency. Plus, finally being able to get away from those terrible northern winters.


Brian JulichHometown: Sanford, North Carolina
Undergraduate School: Old Dominion University
Medical School: Virginia Commonwealth University
Areas of Interest in Emergency Medicine: Emergency Medical Services, Aerovac, Tactical Medicine
Hobbies: Spending time with my wife and son, working out, Surfing, Swimming, and Traveling.
Why I Chose UNC: Growing up in North Carolina attending UNC has been a dream of mine for a very long time. During my final two years as a Flight Surgeon for the USAF I contacted, then program director, Dr. Kevin Biese with some questions about the program via email while I was deployed. To my surprise he not only answered each of my questions, but also invited me to come to UNC to meet with him once I got back stateside. No other program director I contacted was as accessible, kind, and genuinely interested in helping me meet my education goals to become the best EM physician possible as he was. Later when I rotated at UNC I found that every single resident, attending, and EM staff member shared the exact same mentality. During my interview at UNC that same genuine interest in me as a person and in helping me become the best EM physician possible was again found in Dr. Nikki Waller our current program director and all of the rest of the staff and residents. I was truly impressed that day, and am so thankful and excited to be a UNC EM resident.


Joseph KlembczykHometown: Voorheesville, New York
Undergraduate School: University of Virginia
Medical School: Johns Hopkins University
Areas of Interest in Emergency Medicine: Public Health, Bioinformatics, Education
Hobbies: Watching and playing soccer and basketball, traveling, singing in the shower
Why I Chose UNC: The variety in experiences and mentors between our two hospitals, the academic resources, and the people!


Matthew MichalikHometown: Knoxville, Tennessee
Undergraduate School: University of Tennessee
Medical School: University of Tennessee
Areas of Interest in Emergency Medicine: Global Health, Ultrasound, Sports Medicine
Hobbies: Spending time with my wife and son, golf, tennis, ultimate frisbee, basketball, hiking/camping, guitar, reading.
Why I Chose UNC: The people here are amazing. They have created an incredible culture of support and encouragement while challenging you to become the best EM physician possible. I felt welcomed here and that they cared about me beyond just being another resident. Also, you get invaluable experiences by working at the community hospital WakeMed in Raleigh in addition to Chapel Hill. Last but not least it's an incredible place to live. There are always things going on in the triangle; plus you have the beach 2 hours away in one direction and the mountains 2 hours away in the other!


Cody Stauffer MacDowellHometown: Asheville, North Carolina
Undergraduate School: Elon University
Medical School: Marshall University
Areas of Interest in Emergency Medicine: Sports Medicine
Hobbies: Sailing, Tennis, Guitar (learning), Hanging with Friends
Why I Chose UNC: Most residencies talk about great environments, but here at UNC the attendings foster genuinely friendly atmosphere of learning. The camaraderie here is especially remarkable for a program of such academic distinction. This environment was obvious from the very beginning of the interview day and made it a place where I wanted to be. Plus I am from North Carolina so the chance to come back to such a beautiful place was a huge bonus.


William TeeterHometown: Raleigh, North Carolina
Undergraduate School: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Medical School: Tulane University
Areas of Interest in Emergency Medicine: Trauma, Critical Care, Research
Hobbies: Sailing, Food & Wine, Walking my dog
Why I Chose UNC: It has a little bit of everything: Academics, Community practice, lots of Peds, Research, EMS... you name it + this is a great place to live and raise a family + 3 hours to beach/mountains = a great all around program with the academic heft and numbers of sick patients that will make you a great all-around EM physician.


Matthew WilliamsHometown: Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Undergraduate School: University of Southern California
Medical School: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Areas of Interest in Emergency Medicine: Global Health, Critical Care
Hobbies: Playing pick-up sports. Traveling. Bikes, kites, and boards (snow/surf). Grabbing a beer with friends and listening to some good jams.
Why I Chose UNC: I knew what to expect from my experience during medical school at UNC, which is first and foremost amazingly smart and friendly faculty and residents throughout the hospital and especially in the ED. The split time at UNC and WakeMed in Raleigh offer two distinct Emergency Medicine experiences, and allows my co-residents and I to live/work/play in 3 of the south east's coolest up and coming cities (Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill). And come on, how many people will be able to say that they worked shifts with the Godmother of Emergency Medicine herself, Dr. Tintinalli?!


Beckler, TylerHometown: Hickory, North Carolina
Undergraduate School: Gardner-Webb University
Medical School: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Areas of Interest in Emergency Medicine: Global Health, Wilderness Medicine
Hobbies: Hanging out with my awesome wife, backpacking, scuba diving, fishing, ultimate Frisbee
Why I Chose UNC: UNC has a great group of people that love what they do. In my opinion, what makes life fun is the people that you get to spend it with and the UNC family is a phenomenal one to be a part of. Also, the Chapel Hill area is a nice place to live with lots of fun things to do here locally but it is also conveniently just a couple hours from the mountains and the beach.


Cardon, ZacharyHometown: Mountain Green, Utah
Undergraduate School: Brigham Young University
Medical School: University of Texas Southwestern
Areas of Interest in Emergency Medicine: Education, Wilderness, EMS
Hobbies: Being with the family, traveling, hiking/camping, soccer, reading
Why I Chose UNC: The people, the location, and the great training. Everyone I have met are fantastic individuals who you can tell really care a lot about the residents. The area is second to none with a great blend of outdoors, coastline, and lots of short traveling adventures waiting to happen. I really like the multiple sites for training and UNC is going to get you where you want to go.


Fender, KimberlyHometown: Greenville, South Carolina
Undergraduate School: College of Charleston
Medical School: Medical University of South Carolina
Areas of Interest in Emergency Medicine: Global health, palliative care, geriatric EM, ultrasound, administration, health policy, emergency psychiatry, and pain management in the ED
Hobbies: Sailing, gardening, photography, traveling, dance, card making, astronomy, and any outdoor adventure
Why I Chose UNC: What's not to love! The program director Nikki Binz and the rest of the residency leadership are committed to training excellent and happy EM physicians. A supportive training environment and an emphasis on resident wellness are true priorities here. The faculty and residents were very welcoming and made the effort to truly get to know my aspirations and understand how they could help me achieve my goals within EM. The residency program had a "family feel" that for me is important for promoting teamwork and a positive learning atmosphere. UNC's EM program is a perfect mix of strong academics and community emergency medicine with ample pediatric exposure and a diverse patient population. You have the opportunity to train alongside brilliant emergency medicine physicians who are both leaders and advocates in the field. UNC has unparalleled global health options, and the possibilities for leadership, fellowship training, teaching, and research are endless. Also, North Carolina is a beautiful part of the country and close to my family. I am so excited to be a part of the UNC family!


Fisher, JosephHometown: Tucson, Arizona
Undergraduate School: University of Arizona
Medical School: University of Arizona
Areas of Interest in Emergency Medicine: EMS, Education, Air Force/Military EM
Hobbies: Anything outdoors, working out, and traveling
Why I Chose UNC: Academic/community split, the program philosophy, staff, residents, and location. Most importantly it was the family vibe I got during my interview.


Grimaldi, KyleHometown: Gloucester, Massachusetts
Undergraduate School: Rochester Institute of Technology
Medical School: University of Buffalo
Areas of Interest in Emergency Medicine: Ultrasound, Sports Medicine
Hobbies: Soccer, outdoor activities, traveling, Boston sports teams
Why I Chose UNC: I wanted two things out of a residency program, outstanding clinical training and enjoying my time while receiving it. I knew after my interview that I could get both at UNC. The people are all down to earth and high spirited, there are tons of things to do around the area and I was ready for some warmer weather than I had living in the northeast.


Hadley, KristieHometown: Plymouth, Massachusetts
Undergraduate School: Loyola University - New Orleans
Medical School: Ben Gurion University
Areas of Interest in Emergency Medicine: Disaster Response, EMS, Global EM, Education
Hobbies: Hiking, cooking, playing volleyball, making jewelry
Why I Chose UNC: I fell in love with the place and the people on interview day. From the current residents to the people interviewing me I had the most engaging and fun conversations. I have family in the area so I have heard a lot about UNC over the years. As an institution, it has a very real commitment to both high quality clinical medicine and to social medicine through community engagement. The EM department shares this commitment and it is a large part of the reason I chose UNC. I also appreciate that there is a good mix of academic and community EM. And if that wasn't enough, the weather is fantastic, the area is beautiful, it is 2 hours from the beach and 2.5 hours from the mountains!


Massimo, LaurenHometown: Phoenix, Arizona
Undergraduate School: University of Arizona
Medical School: University of Arizona
Areas of Interest in Emergency Medicine: Education, Research, Public Health
Hobbies: Family time with my husband, son and 2 dogs, restaurants & craft brew, dancing, baking, college sports, travel
Why I Chose UNC: Friendly, supportive, family-feel with amazing, genuine people. Dr. Waller and the rest of the faculty and residents were so open and down-to-earth on the interview day. UNC has a great reputation with strong opportunities in academic and community EM as well as in research and education. Plus, NC is the perfect location for my family with lots to do, fairly mild weather and beautiful scenery.


McGarry, MichaelHometown: South Berwick, Maine
Undergraduate School: Arizona State University
Medical School: Florida Atlantic University
Areas of Interest in Emergency Medicine: Ultrasound, Global Health
Hobbies: Fishing, hiking, being outside, hanging out with my dog (Spot), watching and playing sports
Why I Chose UNC: The people I met during my interview day were all amazing. I found this program to have a real family feel as everyone seemed close and supportive. I was also really impressed with the faculty that I met and the diversity of practice settings. Also, living in the triangle was very attractive!


Monks, SarahHometown: Tucson, Arizona
Undergraduate School: University of Arizona
Medical School: University of Arizona
Areas of Interest in Emergency Medicine: EMS, Education, Simulation
Hobbies: Soccer, hiking, snowboarding, traveling, eating!
Why I Chose UNC: I love the family feel, the chance to learn at both UNC and WakeMed, and I really believe in the UNC philosophy that good people make good doctors. Plus, Mia Hamm, Michael Jordan, and Tintinalli - talk about the dream team.


Palomba, KristenHometown: Romeo, Michigan
Undergraduate School: Michigan State University, Central Michigan University
Medical School: Central Michigan University
Areas of Interest in Emergency Medicine: Pediatrics, Ultrasound, Education
Hobbies: Running, hiking, and doing outdoorsy things with my dogs. Cooking, baking, and watching Chopped. Avidly cheering on the Spartans and all Detroit sporting teams - Go Lions!
Why I Chose UNC: After meeting the residents, faculty and staff on interview day, I knew that I would love it at UNC. Everyone was so friendly and committed to the success of the program and wellbeing of the residents. As for the curriculum, I really liked the combination of academic and community emergency department settings all while providing strong pediatric and ultrasound training. Not to mention that the leadership and reputation at UNC speaks for itself in terms of ability to produce exceptional emergency medicine physicians. It also didn’t hurt that the geographic location is top-notch with a warm climate and the opportunity to take day trips to the ocean and mountains!