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Give to the Faculty Development Fellowship

The fellowship program at UNC has graduated over 500 academic family physicians, many who are leaders in their field. To support the program, ensure its longevity, and enable the provision of scholarships, we need your help.make-a-gift.gif

UNC Family Medicine is grateful to alumni who support the Faculty Development Fellowship through philanthropic giving.  We’d also like to thank Residence Inn of Chapel Hill for their ongoing support of the fellowship.

Hear from Former Fellows

Hillary Mount, MD

“The fellowship provided a condensed, high-value experience in jump starting my career in academic medicine. The leadership and teaching skills gained have already improved my performance and confidence.” Hillary Mount, MD The Christ Hospital/University of Cincinnati Class of 2013

Lori Nelson-Madison, MD

“After this fellowship, I feel more confident in my role as an educator and feel that I now have the tools necessary to have a positive impact on the future of family medicine.” Lori Nelson-Madison, MD Lynchburg, VA Class of 2017

Ryan Draper, MD

“Very valuable experience for those just getting started in their academic careers or transitioning from private practice into academic medicine.” Ryan Draper, MD Class of 2016

Scott Nass, MD, MPA

“A year ago, I would have been a bit hesitant to take on a leadership role like this, but the fellowship definitely gave me the skills and confidence to jump right in.” Scott Nass, MD MPA Santa Paula Hospital Class of 2014