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Ichiro Misumi, PhD
Ichiro Misumi, PhD, Assistant Professor, Genetics

Dr. Ichiro Misumi (Assistant Professor) was awarded a Faculty Research Support Grant from the Department of Genetics for his project focused on Mapping Host Genetic Determinants of Susceptibility to Hepatitis A Virus (HAV) Infection.

Department of Genetics Research Support Grants are intended to provide funds for exploration of a new research area for faculty members that will increase likelihood of receiving external funding. Dr. Misumi’s grant will build on the past decade of work with Dr. Jason Whitmire and his research group that determined that the ability of HAV to infect certain host species depends on its capacity to evade innate immune responses, rather than dependency on a specific receptor. The aim of this project is to utilize the Collaborative Cross (CC) mouse population to understand how host genetic diversity contributes variability in individual susceptibility to HAV infection, specifically by measuring viral clearance and liver injury following HAV infection. Drs. Misumi and Whitmire’s overall goal is to develop novel mouse models with varying susceptibility to HAV infection. Development of these models will enable the exploration of novel genetic elements and gene expression networks that play a significant role in early control of HAV in the host.