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iThenticateiThenticate is now available to all members of the Carolina research community.

iThenticate is a plagiarism detection software program that can be used to evaluate documents prior to submission to journals, funding agencies, or academic repositories. iThenticate helps detect uncited, or improperly cited, material in manuscripts, grant proposals, and other written documents so that text can be corrected before it is submitted. This is particularly useful as publishers and funding agencies use plagiarism detection tools to screen manuscripts and grants upon submission.

The process for using iThenticate is simple and relatively fast, taking only about 5-15 min to scan each document after it is uploaded. After the document is scanned, the user can then review the results and evaluate identified similarities in the user’s document relative to any identified source documents to make necessary corrections. iThenticate will never share, resell, or centrally store any of the work that is scanned.

Please visit the UNC Research iThenticate page to access the onyen-required login, for more information, including training videos, guides, and the University’s policy on plagiarism.