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NIHThe Advisory Councils for each of the Institute/Councils (ICs) of NIH meet three times a year- January/February, May/June and September/October. A schedule of the Advisory Councils meetings can be found here. The public or open-access portion of the council meetings includes the presentation of concepts to be cleared by the Advisory Council for writing into a funding announcement. Thus, Concept Clearances are the earliest notice of NIH interest in a new topic format.

After each round of Advisory Council meetings, all relevant Concept Clearances that are approved will be collated into one comprehensive resource and uploaded to the Genetics Faculty website. This resource will be updated after each set of Advisory Council meetings. Concept Clearances of particular interest to the department, including those for large team science grants, will also be highlighted in the bi-weekly funding opportunities emails.

Please let Sarah Schoenrock ( know if you have any questions or suggestions for improvements of this new resource.