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Scott Young 2023 Deans Performance Award
Scott Young (Grants Manager) receives the UNC SOM Dean’s Performance Award from UNC Department of Genetics Chair Fernando Pardo Manuel de Villena on October 3, 2023

The Department of Genetics own Scott Young (Grants Manager) received the UNC SOM Dean’s Performance Award for his “exceptional contributions to research processes and innovations” during the Annual SOM Staff Summit at the UNC Friday Center on October 3, 2023.

Scott was critical and essential to the department’s highest-ever grant funding year (>$49M) in FY23.

The award was presented by Chair of Genetics Dr. Fernando Pardo-Manuel de Villena.




Also nominated were other Genetics staff members including:

Sabrina Powell

Dr. Sabrina Powell for “exceptional contributions in support to our learners in becoming healthcare leaders in the future”

Cara Marlow

Cara Marlow for “providing exceptional support to assist our faculty in excelling in their academic pursuits”

Grace Byfield

Dr. Grace Byfield for “making an impact at the community, state, national and/or global levels”

Jonathon Cornett

John Cornett for “making exceptional contributions to value diversity and a sense of belonging at the SOM”

Mike Harriss

Mike Harriss for “making an extraordinary contribution to an administrative function or process that improves the day-to-day operation of SOM”


The Department of Genetics has truly exceptional and dedicated staff who take pride in their work, go the extra mile, and always “get to yes” to ensure the ongoing success of our research, education, and service missions.