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The CLS program will prepare you for entry-level laboratory positions and a future in a constantly growing area of health care. Now is a great time to start your career in the clinical laboratory profession, because there is a nationwide shortage of clinical laboratory scientists.

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Students typically enter the Clinical Laboratory Science program after completing general education requirements and prerequisite courses. Please note that successful completion of the prerequisite courses listed under the major does not guarantee admission to the program. Students who already have a baccalaureate degree and have the CLS prerequisite courses may apply for admission to the program and request a second baccalaureate degree from UNC-CH.

Who should apply?

Students come to the clinical laboratory science program from many different backgrounds and educational experiences: Some start college knowing that they want to be in the CLS program. Others discover the program after taking science courses and thinking about possible majors in science. No matter when students learn about the CLS program, they all have similar reasons for applying:

  • They like science courses – especially the hands-on aspects of laboratory courses
  • They want to use their talents and interest in science to help people
  • They want a marketable degree upon graduation
  • They want a degree that will give them many options for the future

If this describes you, apply to the CLS program and take the first step toward an exciting future in clinical laboratory science.

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