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The following courses must have been completed with a C- or better prior to entering the CLS program. (Due to UNC’s COVID grading accommodation, the CLS program will  accept grades of P (Pass) or LP (Low Pass) in pre-requisite courses taken from Spring semester 2020 to Spring semester 2021.) Students may apply to the CLS program before the prerequisite courses are complete, provided they will complete them prior to the start of the CLS program. (UNC course numbers are in parentheses. Transfer course equivalency is determined by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.)

  • ONE (3 credit) advanced Math course: Trigonometry & Analytic Geometry (MATH 130) or Calculus I (MATH 231) or Statistics (STOR151 or STOR 155)
  • TWO Biology courses, plus a lab:
    • Introductory Biology with Lab (4 credits, i.e., BIOL 101 & 101L) and
    • one additional (3 credit) biology course – Fundamental Concepts in Genetics, Molecular, and Cellular Biology (BIOL 103) or Molecular Biology and Genetics (BIOL 202) is recommended
  • THREE Chemistry courses, plus labs:
    • General Descriptive Chemistry I with Lab (4 credits, i.e., CHEM 101 & 101L) and
    • General Descriptive Chemistry II with Lab (4 credits, i.e., CHEM 102 & 102L) and
    • Analytical Chemistry with Lab (4 credits, i.e., CHEM 241 & 241L) or Organic Chemistry I with Lab (4 credits, i.e., CHEM 261 & 241L*)
      *Note that Chem 241 or 241H is a prerequisite or corequisite for Chem 241L

All students seeking a first bachelor’s degree from UNC must also complete the UNC-CH general college requirements. These courses are usually taken prior to entering the CLS program. Please visit for more information on degree requirements, course planning worksheets, and/or to connect with an advisor. The Undergraduate Catalog also has a Sample Plan of Study.