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Welcome to our resource page about Communication Partner Training (CPT) for families who are learning about aphasia

In 2018, a team at UNC CARD conducted research about how speech-language pathologists train family members and friends as communication partners. One thing we learned was that clinicians want to access concrete resources and supports that help these efforts. We created this CPT resources page to facilitate collaboration and problem-solving. While we write the article to share our results, we hope you will be inspired by what we have assembled so far and consider contributing additional materials for the benefit of your colleagues.


So far, our team has compiled CPT resources in three areas:

  1. Goal examples across the continuum of care
  2. Materials to use with families
  3. Courses and published articles


Please click this link to share resources you don’t see in our pdf files and would like to share. You can contribute anonymously, but if you give us your name, we will gratefully acknowledge your collaboration.

Call for CPT resources


1. Goal Examples Across the Continuum of Care 

Download lists of goals that explicitly address communication partner training for families during acute care and rehabilitation. Disclaimer: We are not responsible for ensuring that third party payers will accept these goals as reimbursable. These are goals that speech-language pathologists use in their own practice. We hope they will give you ideas about how to conceptualize meaningful goals in your own aphasia treatment programs. 

Sample CPT Goals for Acute Care Settings 

Sample CPT Goals for Rehabilitation Settings


2. Materials to Use with Families

Download a list of resources that you can use to support your communication partner training sessions. Consider using these resources before, after, or as part of your sessions. In some cases it may be helpful to send some of these to communication partners who are unable to attend in-person training, yet eager to learn.   

CPT Resources to Use with Families

Visual supports from Brooks Rehabilitation Aphasia Center


3. Courses and Publications

Download a list of resources to increase your own knowledge and skills. We have included courses about CPT programs as well as courses about counseling and working with families. You will also find a list of research articles focused on CPT for friends and family members. While we understand these publications do not necessarily offer clinic-ready resources or methods, they do describe a variety of CPT approaches that have been studied and may be helpful to your practice.  

CPT Courses and Publications 


Remember to check back frequently, because we will be updating these resources based on input from clinicians, families with aphasia, and the research community.

Thank you to the following who have contributed to the CPT resource page (so far):

Lucy Hardy
Mandie Oslund
Jodi Morgan
Nina Simmons-Mackie
Jytte Isaksen
Blaise Morrison
Melinda Corwin