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Associate Professor

Specialty Areas:

Mucus Structure, Rheology, and Flow; Mucus Adhesion; Cilia Force Generation

Research Focus:

During normal respiration, thousands of bacteria and other airborne irritants are inhaled every hour. Despite this constant intake of pathogens, the body is able to maintain sterility in the airways below the larynx. The task of accomplishing this feat falls to the protect airway surface liquid layer, a two-phase liquid consisting of a viscoelastic mucus layer as well as the periciliary liquid layer through which cilia beat, clearing mucus from the airways. In diseases such as cystic fibrosis, the mucus layer becomes increasing solid-like, leading to a decrease in mucus clearance as well as an increased rate of infection. In order to understand the phenomena of mucociliary clearance, it is necessary to understand the physical properties of the mucus layer as well as the driving forces that propel the fluid: the pressure gradient consistent with normal tidal breathing and the forces imparted on the mucus layer by cilia. It is the goal of my research to characterized and model the airway surface liquid in terms of its physical properties, chemical composition, flow, and response to pathogenic material.The primary interest of my research is Mucociliary clearance and how it is affected by diseases such as Cystic Fibrosis and Chronic Sinusitis.

Research Projects:

  • Mucus Rheology: Employing the techniques of microbead rheology, cone and plate, and driven magnetic bead rheology, the goal of this project is to determine the physical properties of mucus so that the fluid can be successfully modeled
  • Three Dimensional Force Microscope (3DFM): The 3DFM allow us to evaluate the viscoelastic modulus of fluids to viscous to be studied with Microbead Rheology, apply forces directly to biological systems (CF Mucus, ActA, and beating cilia), and map the topography of entangled mess networks often found in viscoelastic fluids
  • Cilia induced Stress-Strain in Mucus: The motion of tracer particles is examined to determine the amount of deformation imposed on mucus by cilia and examine how the deformation is propagated thru the fluid.
  • Modeling mucus flow and small molecule diffusion: Experimental results are used to determine the correct constitutive laws to model and predict small molecule diffusion and mucus flow.
  • Micro-Parallel Plate Rheometer (MPPR): The MPPR is an optically based rheometer that determines the bulk viscoelastic properties of fluids using quintiles less than 10uL.

Selected Bibliography:

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David Hill