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Department and University Collaboration

The Marsico Lung Institute is home to numerous specialized resources for academic and clinical research, each offering the very best in scientific expertise, sophisticated equipment, and the latest in techniques and technology. There are eight cores, each serving the Marsico Lung Institute investigators with their research while collaborating and serving other departments at UNC, and many other Universities and research facilities worldwide.

The Molecular Biology Core
Director: Wanda K O’Neal, PhD, Research Associate Professor

The Histology Core

The Animal Models Core
Director: Wanda K. O’Neal, PhD; Co-Director: Alessandra Livraghi-Butrico, PhD

The MLI Tissue Procurement and Cell Culture Core
Director: Scott H. Randell, PhD, Professor of Cell Biology and Physiology and Professor in Medicine

The CFTR Functional Analysis Core
Director: Martina Gentzsch, PhD

The Cystic Fibrosis Molecular/Functional Measurement Core
Director: Martina Gentzsch, PhD; Co-Director: Wanda O’Neal, PhD

The Mucus/Mucin Biochemistry and Biophysics Core
Director: Brian Button, PhD; Co-Investigators: Camille Ehre, PhD, David B. Hill, PhD, and Mehmet Kesimer, PhD

CF Clinical Translational Core
Director: Scott H. Donaldson, MD

The Mucin Characterization and Production Core
Director: Camille Ehre, PhD; Co-Directors: Mehmet Kesimer, PhD, and Durai Subramini, PhD

The Respiratory TRACTS Core
Director: Matthew C. Wolfgang, PhD; Associate Director: Mandy Bush