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Specialty Areas:

Airway Mucin and Mucus Biochemistry and Proteomics

Research Focus:

One of the main focuses of my work is the characterization of the large mucin gene products (Mr 2-3 million) and the complexes they make (Mr 10-100 million) essential for the formation of the mucus gels vital for epithelial protection and function. My current work is focused around the human lung, where there are many hypersecretory human diseases, including asthma, cystic fibrosis, and chronic bronchitis, in which these glycoconjugates are centrally implicated. Basic understanding of the qualitative and quantitative changes of mucin macromolecules in lung health and diseases is our main task.

Current Projects:

Mucins and Mucin Interactome in the Airway

Mucus is a strong polymer network. The contributions of mucins and other globular proteins, however, have not yet been fully elucidated. The gel-forming mucins, like MUC5AC and MUC5B in particular, are the major constituents of the secreted airway mucus gel. A previously held belief is that they contribute greatly to the biophysical properties of mucus that permit a smooth gel flow on the healthy epithelium in a well-hydrated environment. Despite substantial research on the subject, it is still not clear whether mucin polymers are the key regulators of the biophysical properties of mucus gels. In an effort to address the normal composition of airway mucus, we observed that at least 30% of the proteins in HBE secretion and induced sputum are formed by distinct protein complexes centered around mucins. We propose that these complexes constitute a discrete secretory entity we call the “mucin interactome”. The basis of these structures and their function(s), e.g., and their contribution to the biophysical and biological functions of airway mucus, remain a mystery and are the focus of this project. We hypothesized that mucin-protein interactions dynamically control the critical innate immune functions of the airway mucosal barrier, including its physical (rheological), and biological (antimicrobial, antioxidant) functions. Therefore, as a first step toward testing this hypothesis, HBE cells and a broad range of biochemical, biophysical and proteomic approaches were employed. The aim of this study was to rigorously characterize the airway mucin interactome and study its effects on the basic rheological functions of airway mucus, including hydration, viscosity, and elasticity that provide optimal innate airway defense.

Effect of Cystic Fibrosis Post-Secretory Settings on Mucin Expansion and Maturation
Fig. 1.

Cystic Fibrosis in the lung is characterized by the failure of mucus clearance. Clearly mucus plays an important role in all manifestations of CF. There are some two hundred’ mainly globular proteins in human sputum, but it is the gel-forming mucins MUC5AC and MUC5B that we believe create the structural scaffold. The mechanisms underpinning the packaging of the large gel-forming mucins in granules and their subsequent expansion to mature the mucus are very poorly understood. This work is investigating the hypothesis that in the absence of CFTR, mucin expansion/mucus maturation is impaired due to different post-secretory environment in CF mucus. In testing this hypothesis, using the resolving power of the electron microscope in addition to a broad range of biochemical and biophysical techniques, we are testing: 1) To determine the factors effecting the normal maturation of the MUC5B just after secretion; 2) To test the hypothesis that the MUC5B mucin as born into the CF environment is prejudiced in its development and subsequent maturation. Funding: CF foundation (KESIME10I0).

The Effect of Cystic Fibrosis Post-Secretory Settings on Mucin Expansion and Maturation

Transmission electron micrographs of mucin conformation reveal a defective MUC5B unpacking process in CF
Fig. 2. Transmission electron micrographs of mucin conformation reveal a defective MUC5B unpacking process in CF. Distribution of the molecular forms of salivary MUC5B from a non-CF and CF subject (A) and representative EM images from the top (B) and the bottom (C, D, E) regions. Electron microscopy showed that the compact or semiexpanding granular mucin form of MUC5B is the dominant form found at the bottom of the gradient, and it typically appears as small numbers of glycosylated mucin subunit chains connected around their N- and C-terminal protein nodes in spherical core (10–30 nm) structures (E). In CF samples, however, an analysis of the same fractions indicated that (C and D) the spherical protein nodes/cores are up to 10 times larger (100–300 nm) than (E) their normal equivalents. Scale bars: 100 nm.

Mucin Concentrations and Pathogenesis of Chronic Lung Diseases

Relationships of mucin concentrations in sputum with phlegm production and consistency and mucus plug formation
Fig. 3. Relationships of mucin concentrations in sputum with phlegm production and consistency and mucus plug formation. A model representing the relationship from health to cigarette smoke (CS)-induced CB. In health, the balance of active ion absorption (Na+) vs secretion (Cl-), passive osmotically enhanced water transport, and mucin secretion generates a mucus layer with secreted mucin concentrations lower than the tethered mucins and other glycoconjugates in the periciliary layer (PCL). The result is a well hydrated PCL and efficient mucociliary transport. With CB disease/CS exposure, an imbalance of ion transport coupled to mucin hypersecretion increases mucis layer. These events produce adhesion of hyperconcentrated mucus to airway surfaces and. Mucus that cannot be expelled by cough continues to accumulate, concentrates, and ultimately becomes the basis for airflow obstruction and the nidus for infection.

Role of Human Airway Epithelium-Derived Exosome-Like Vesicles in Innate Defense of the Lung

Exosomes are small, 50-150 nm, organelles secreted by different cell types including epithelial, haematopoietic and some tumour cells. The molecular organisation of these structures depends mainly on the cellular source from which they are derived. The detailed roles of the exosomes remain largely unexplained. We have demonstrated their presence in lung secretions and propose that they play important roles in innate lung defence, such as binding to and neutralizing the viruses. The objective of this work is to elucidate the organization of the human tracheobronchial epithelial (HTBE) exosomes and identify their cellular origin, ultimately we wish to understand their roles in airway host defense. Our preliminary data from HTBE cell culture indicate that exosomes are highly organized structures arising from different cell types to be found in the culture and that they interact with human influenza virus. Many of them have membrane tethered mucin coats that control their recognition properties. Funding: American Lung Association (RG-167538-N).

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Mehmet Kesimer