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Distinguished Professor

Specialty Areas:

Genetic disorders of mucociliary clearance, including gene modifiers of disease phenotype in cystic fibrosis (CF) lung and liver disease, primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD), as well as idiopathic bronchiectasis.


AB: University of North Carolina, 1967; MD: University of North Carolina, 1971; Resident: Ohio State University, 1971-1973; Resident and Chief Resident: Duke University Medical Center and Veteran’s Administration Hospital, 1973-1975; Chief Internal Medicine: Malcolm Grow Medical Center, 1975-1978; Fellow: University of North Carolina, 1978-1980; Instructor: University of North Carolina, 1980-1982; Assistant Professor: University of North Carolina, 1982-1987; Associate Professor: University of North Carolina, 1987-1994; Professor of Medicine: University of North Carolina, 1994-present.

Research Focus:

Dr. Michael R. Knowles is a Professor of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at UNC. He has over 3 decades of clinical research experience that spans across the disciplines of biology, physiology, genetics and clinical trials in both the academic and private sectors. He is currently the head of two large multicenter studies: 1) Genetic Modifiers of Disease phenotype (severity) in cystic fibrosis lung and liver disease, which includes an International Consortium doing whole genome and differential gene expression studies; and 2) a Consortium with 8 sites in North America to study rare genetic disorders of mucociliary clearance, and non-CF/non-PCD (idiopathic) bronchiectasis.


UNC Gene Modifiers Study

UNC PCD Research and Treatment

COPD Foundation

ALPHA-1 Foundation

Genetic Diseases of Mucociliary Clearance Consortium

Rare Clinical Diseases Research Network

PCD Foundation

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

UK PCD Family Support Group

Genetic Disorders of Mucociliary Clearance. NIH/NHLBI (Knowles).

The major goal of this project is to establish a network of geographically-dispersed clinical research sites that are designed to study rare diseases of the airways. These sites will collaborate in diagnostic, genetic, and a range of other studies in mucociliary clearance, including primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD). A major focus is the identification of disease-causing genes for PCD. This Consortium is also studying idiopathic bronchiectasis in patients with, and without, non-tuberculous myobacteria (NTM).

Fig 1. Schematic drawing of the eukaryotic cilium.

Fig 1. Schematic drawing of the eukaryotic cilium.

Genetic Modifiers in CF Lung Disease. NIH/NHLBI (Knowles, O’Neal, Dang).
The major goals of this study are to identify associations between non-CFTR genes and the pulmonary phenotype, and test for the association of candidate modifier alleles with severity (or mildness) of pulmonary disease. Identification of genes that modulate the severity of the pulmonary phenotype will improve understanding of the pathophysiology of CF lung disease and identify new targets for therapeutic intervention.

Genetic Modifiers in CF Liver Disease (Knowles and Stonebraker).
This study examines “modifier genes” that may play a role in the development of CF liver disease. Modifiers are genes, other than the CF gene (CFTR), which may directly or indirectly have an effect on how the body responds to the conditions that develop as the result of the defective CFTR gene. The identification of modifier genes that influence disease severity may ultimately lead to a better understanding of CF liver disease, and may be useful in the development of new treatments.

Pathogenesis of PCD Lung Disease. NIH/NHLBI (Knowles, Leigh, Ostrowski, Zariwala).
The major goals of this project are to define the ciliary physiologic phenotype of PCD, and investigate the molecular, pathogenesis of lung disease associated with defective MCC, including underlying genetic causes of disease.

Molecular Phenotypes for Cystic Fibrosis Lung Disease. NIH/NHLBI (Knowles, Wright, Zou, Dang, O’Neal).
The major goal of this project is to define a robust molecular phenotype for CF lung disease, which relates to prognosis, and new targets for therapy.

Bronchiectasis Research Registry. COPD Foundation, (Knowles, Daniels, Noone).
This project is to fund creation and maintenance of a database of patient information for bronchiectasis research.

Collaborations: Collaborations are essential to the research currently undertaken in the Knowles research lab. These include investigators and patients from both national and international sites. The world-wide CF and PCD communities have come together to aid in the projects below. While we are unable to list all the sites who have contributed, the founding members include the following investigators.

Genetic Modifiers of CF Liver and Lung Disease Research: International CF Modifier Consortium (coordinating members include):

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Mike Knowles, MD
Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, Mitch Drumm, PhD
Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, Garry Cutting, MD
The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada, Lisa Strug, PhD, Simon Ling, MD
Trousseau Hospital, Paris, France, Harriet Corvol, MD

Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia Research: Genetic Disorders of Mucociliary Clearance Consortium (coordinating members include):

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Mike Knowles, MD
University of South Florida, DMCC, Jeff Krischer, PhD
Washington University in St. Louis, Tom Ferkol, MD, Jeff Atkinson, MD, and Steve Brody, MD
The Children’s Hospital Colorado, Aurora, Scott Sagel, MD
National Jewish Health, Denver, Charles Daley, MD
Stanford University, Carlos Milla, MD
Children’s Hospital & Regional Medical Center, Seattle, Margaret Rosenfeld, MD
The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada, Sharon Dell, MD
NIH NHLBI, Ken Olivier, MD
Indiana University, Stephanie Davis, MD

McGill University, Montreal, Adam Shapiro, MD


Cecilia Lo, PhD, University of Pittsburg


Heymut Omran, MD, Munster, Germany
Jane Lucas, MD, South Hampton U. Hospital NHS Trust, UK
Lucy Morgan, University of Sydney, Australia
Estelle Escudier, MD, Unite Inserm, Faculte de Medecine de Creteil, Cedex, France
Serge Amselem, MD, Unite Inserm, Faculte de Medecine de Creteil, Cedex, France

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