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The Knowles Lab is the winner of the UNC Freezer Challenge, which is a challenge sponsored by UNC Green Labs for researchers to reduce energy usage in lab freezers. As a prize, the Knowles Lab received an energy-efficient -80°C freezer.

As noted on the UNC Green Labs website, “UNC Green Labs works with all members of the UNC community — researchers, lab managers, P.I.s, building managers, students, staff, faculty, and administration — to encourage sustainable practices and promote awareness of green issues in UNC’s laboratories.” Catja van Heusden, a Research Analyst in UNC’s Cystic Fibrosis and Pulmonary Diseases Research and Treatment Center, is a Co-Chair for UNC Green Labs.

More information about the UNC Freezer Challenge and UNC Green Labs can be found in the UNC Green Labs newsletter: Oct_Newsletter