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UNC Geriatrics Student Interest Group


Opportunities for Medical Students in Geriatrics

The Division of Geriatric Medicine offers several opportunities for medical students to deepen their experiences in the field of geriatrics.

Care of the Older Patient Scholarly Concentration

Ellen Roberts, PhD, MPH
Ellen Roberts, PhD, MPH Co-Director
Lindsay Wilson, MD, MPH
Lindsay Wilson, MD, MPH Program Director

The Care of the Older Patient Scholarly Concentration, directed by Lindsay Wilson, MD, MPH, with support from Meredith Gilliam, MD, MPH, Claire Larson, MD, and Ellen Roberts, PhD, MPH, prepares medical students to care for older adults in their professional careers, regardless of what clinical specialty they ultimately pursue.

Students participate in patient care in a variety of inpatient and outpatient settings. throughout the four-year program, faculty members work with students and assist in designing and completing a project.

Also, completion of the concentration will be recognized on the student’s official transcript, in the commencement program, and in a letter of accommodation placed in the student’s academic file. Learn more about the Care of the Older Patient Scholarly Concentration.

American Geriatrics Society (AGS) UNC Student Chapter

The mission of the American Geriatrics Society–UNC-CH Student Chapter, also known as the Geriatrics Special Interest Group, is to:

  • interest physicians-in-training in the field of geriatrics
  • enhance the visibility of geriatric medicine at the UNC School of Medicine
  • provide educational programs on geriatric medicine

The chapter aims to educate all medical students in relevant aspects of aging, especially those who do not specifically plan to enter the field of geriatrics. Specifically, the chapter seeks to develop leadership skills in geriatric medicine by sponsoring interdisciplinary programs, encouraging and funding research participation, and creating geriatric-related community service opportunities. Overall, it offers a great way for med students in geriatrics to become better acquainted with the field.

Ellen Roberts, PhD, MPH, Associate Professor of Medicine, is our Faculty representative for the UNC Geriatrics SIG / AGS Student Chapter. Learn more about the Geriatrics Special Interest Group.

2022 MSTAR students with mentors and staff
2022 MSTAR students with mentors and staff

MSTAR (Medical Students Training in Aging Resarch)

UNC is one of only a handful of national Medical Students Training in Aging Research, or MSTAR, training sites in the nation. The MSTAR program pairs medical students with UNC research faculty for a summer of aging-related study across multiple disciplines and fields.

Ellen Roberts, PhD, MPH, Associate Professor of Medicine, is Principal Investigator for the AFAR-funded program. In addition, Kristen Ruck manages all program activities. Also, faculty from different UNC School of Medicine divisions, departments, and schools mentor MSTAR students. Learn more about MSTAR.

The Salber-Phillips Award

Through the Salber-Phillips Award, UNC medical students in their second through fourth years receive recognition for their community-oriented projects. Without a doubt, these projects improve the health or well-being of older adults aged 65 and older. Learn more about the Salber-Phillips Award.