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Our group has a number of different studies focused towards bringing us closer to a cure for HIV. While our ultimate goal is to find a way to eradicate HIV, we are not there yet. No one who participates in these studies will be cured but our current studies are exploring different ideas that we hope will put us closer to finding a cure. There are varying levels of participation from a single blood draw to procedures to receiving different medications and personalized therapies. The purpose of these studies is to learn more about how the immune system works, where HIV hides in the body, what medications could flush out HIV from its hiding spots, how we can teach a person’s own immune cells to attack HIV, and vaccines to neutralize HIV replication. Different studies require varying amounts of visits, time commitments, potential risks, and financial compensation. Please see the links below to discover more about the two different kinds of CURE-related studies that we currently offer.


Investigational Medication CURE Studies

These studies use investigational medications ranging from monoclonal antibodies to vaccines to personalized therapies to seek a cure for HIV.

Procedure-only CURE Studies

These studies do not involve any interventional medications, but rather involve procedures, such as leukapheresis or blood draws, to discover information that might put us closer to a cure for HIV.