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  • Myron Cohen, MD-ID-faculty-in-covid-news-dec-24-30

    Antibody Treatments Can Slow Hospitalizations Due to COVID, But Vaccines Are Best

    Myron Cohen, MD, professor of medicine in infectious diseases and director of the UNC Institute for Global Health and Infectious Diseases, said masks and vaccines remain the best line of defense against Covid in an NBC News story. “You want to prevent any disease you can, rather than treat it, because the consequences of the infection are grave,” he said. At the same time, Cohen … Read more

  • weiming-tang

    Five-Year $3 Million Grant Will Study Pay-It-Forward Approach to Gonorrhea Testing

    Pay-it-forward programs, whereby someone receives a gift or free service and then gives a gift to another person in return, have expanded during the COVID-19 pandemic and provide an opportunity for healthcare providers to reduce costs, increase uptake of interventions such as testing and vaccines, and promote sustainability. Weiming Tang, PhD, and Joseph Tucker, MD, PhD, explain … Read more

  • weber-newsworthy-dec-24-dec-30

    Weber Contributes Data to Discussions Regarding Student Vaccine Requirements

    Orange County Schools middle and high school students who are unvaccinated and want to play sports or take part in certain extracurricular activities will need to be tested twice a week for COVID-19. The school board decided in a unanimous vote to require the testing for students who want to be a cheerleader or join the band, chorus or theater this year. David Weber, MD, MPH, pro … Read more

  • emily-sickbert-cbs-17-wearing-a-mask

    Sickbert-Bennett Discusses the Best Face Coverings For Children With School Starting Back

    Emily Sickbert-Bennett, PhD, MS, associate professor of infectious diseases, talked with CBS-17 about face coverings for children as school starts back, emphasizing comfort is especially important. Sickbert-Bennett has extensively researched masks throughout the pandemic and says parents should find a mask that kids are willing to wear properly all day long. Watch or read the rep … Read more

  • weber-newsworthy-dec-24-dec-30

    Weber Recognizes Masks and Social Distancing Remain Crucial With COVID Surge

    Doctors: Masks and Social Distancing Crucial As COVID-19 Cases Skyrocket (August 5, 2021) A news report acknowledges doctors are learning more everyday about the Delta variant, and as new information is released, it can be confusing and overwhelming. David Weber, MD, MPH, professor of medicine in infectious diseases, said it takes 15 minutes for delta particles to spread … Read more

  • Ross Boyce, MD, MSc

    Boyce Awarded Doris Duke Funding for Malaria Study in Uganda

    The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation has awarded Ross Boyce, MD, MSc, a 2021 Clinical Scientist Development Award for his research proposal entitled, “Getting malaria off the back of women and children in western Uganda,” which aims at reducing the incidence of malaria among infants and young children in rural Uganda. Boyce, an assistant professor in UNC’s Division of Infectious … Read more

  • Congratulations, Graduates!

    June 30th marked the completion of the ACGME portion of ID fellowship for three ID Fellows, Arianne Morrison, Laura Rachal, and Min Kim; along with the completion of Daphne Henson-Villanueva’s ICHID Fellowship. To celebrate, the faculty hosted the first in-person event in quite some time- at the Sienna Hotel in Chapel Hill. Complete with delicious food, beverages, and good compan … Read more

  • joe-eron-vaccine-for-omicron

    Study Compares Mortality Among People Entering HIV Care with General US Population

    HIV-related mortality has decreased since 1996 due to improving treatments and evolving care guidelines, but the extent to which persons entering HIV care have a higher risk for death over the following years, compared with peers in the general population, has been unclear. Joseph Eron, MD, the Herman and Louise Smith Distinguished Professor of Medicine and chief of the division … Read more

  • Myron Cohen, MD-ID-faculty-in-covid-news-dec-24-30

    Study Finds Bamlanivimab Reduces Risk of COVID in Skilled Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities

    Myron Cohen, MD, is the lead investigator of a study recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) that shows bamlanivimab monotherapy reduced the incidence of infection in skilled nursing homes and assisted living facilities with high risk of SARS-CoV-2 exposure. The randomized phase 3 clinical trial included 966 residents and staff participants fr … Read more

  • david-wohl-discussing-mandate-removal-ABC 11

    Wohl Says If People Are Waiting For a “Magical Moment” to Get Vaccinated, This Is It

    The delta variant now accounts for half of the COVID-19 cases in many areas of the U.S., President Joe Biden said Tuesday, urging unvaccinated Americans to get the COVID-19 shots as the U.S. faces a dramatic rise in the “hypertransmissible” variant of the coronavirus. An NBC Today Health report asks experts about the effectiveness of current vaccines against the delta variant. Da … Read more