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The “Complex Skin Cancer Clinic” at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill specializes in care for patients with complex cases of melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer. We work in a multispecialty way with surgical oncologists, dermatologists, radiation oncologists, and radiologists, to provide the most cutting-edge care.

When possible, we recommend clinical trials as these trials give patients and their families a chance to participate in improving the care not only for them but for others with skin cancer. We are number one in the Southeast for providing a treatment called “oncolytic viral therapy”. This treatment means that a virus is injected into cancer to cause the cancer to die out and to create a vaccine to potentially help the rest of the body.

We have been involved in all of the trials that have improved care for patients with melanoma. Our current trials give patients access to treatments that they cannot get in their communities.

Melanoma & Skin Cancer Care Team