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  • Verify the time of your appointment, and make sure that your contact number is correct in MyChart.  If it is incorrect, please update it in MyChart or MyChart-message us for assistance.  Please make sure your notifications are active, as that allows you to receive text alerts.
  • You will be called 20-60 minutes prior to your appointment.  Please be prepared to review your medications, allergies, and pharmacy information at that time.
  • Make sure that you are in a place with stable internet, privacy, and that is reasonably quiet to help give you the best visit quality possible.  Please note that while we will help as much as we can, that if a quality visit is not possible via video, you may be re-booked to in person, as much as a week later depending on clinical availability.
  • Please note that as with in person appointments, your provider may be running late.  When appropriate, in person visits are prioritized for order over virtual visits, on the assumption that it is less bothersome to wait at home than in the waiting room.
  • For information on how to set up your computer or mobile phone for a virtual visit, please visit our Video Visit homepage.