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A Step by Step guide to placing an order with the MMRRC

  1. Go to
  2. Select Catalog & Distribution
  3. Search for the strain you want to order.
  4. Under the Strain / Cell Line Name column click on the blue link to the strain you desire.
  5. Scroll towards the bottom of the Strain Detail Sheet and click the Request this Strain button in the yellow section.
    * The yellow section indicates what product types are available.
  6. Select the item(s) and quantity you desire and click Next Step on the left.
  7. Select your method of payment. Enter your Purchase Order number if you have one, if not click Next Step.
  8. Fill in your billing and shipping information then click Next Step.
    * Please complete all fields on this page.
  9. Fill in the legal, submitter and misc. information
  10. Review the information. To make corrections use the options in the window on the left to go between pages.
  11. Click the Submit Request button to finalize your order. If you do not do this the order will not go through.
  12. You will be contacted by MMRRC Customer Service Center with instructions on completing a COU or MTA.
  13. After your order is processed by the MMRRC Customer Service Center it will be forwarded to the appropriate center and they will contact you for further information, instructions on how to proceed or updates on the status of your order.

If you need help with the ordering process please contact the MMRRC Customer Service Center: