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Cryogenic Services for UNC Investigators


Please complete the Cryo Application, found on the left side bar of this page.  Contact for more information.


MMRRC at UNC specializes in preserving and recovering valuable mouse lines. MMRRC at UNC offers the following cost effective services for UNC Investigators:

*If you have a mouse line that is published, please visit to apply for strain submission to our public repository. If accepted, there will be no fee for services. However, we will publish the strain as being available to the research community and we will take responsibility for distributing the strain to those requesting it.

It is our policy, as well as NIH’s, that all published strains should be deposited in the public repository for research community use. For strains made by investigators from other institutions but imported into UNC, we suggest that you contact the originating investigator to encourage them to submit the strain to the public archive. If for any reason this is not possible, we will consider archiving the strain for you in the UNC private archive.

Please contact for more information.