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The MMRRC at UNC will thaw cryopreserved embryos and transfer them to a pseudo-pregnant female.

What we need

  • Cryopreserved embryos (we recommend 2 aliquots). Aliquots must be shipped directly to the MMRRC at UNC to ensure the proper handling.
  • Thaw protocol
  • QC information for that sample

What you get

  • MMRRC at UNC will thaw embryos within 1 month of receipt of the samples.
  • Thawed embryos will be transferred to 1 pseudo-pregnant female.
  • Vendor quality mice (restricted flora)
  • Health report for your mice.
  • If genotyping confirmation is required, we will take tail snips when mice are 10 days old. Frozen tail snips will be available for pick up by the investigator’s lab.
  • If the procedure is successful, mice will be transferred to your colony in 8-12 weeks after they are born.


Service Cost
Embryo Cryorecovery (transfer to 1 pseudo-pregnant female) $1085


Embryos must be shipped directly to the MMRRC at UNC to ensure proper handling of the samples. The MMRRC at UNC cannot make any guarantees that this procedure will be successful. Since the MMRRC at UNC did not cryopreserve the embryos, we cannot guarantee the quality of the sample. It is recommended to submit multiple aliquots of embryos for reanimation. The proper embryo thawing procedure must be provided to the MMRRC at UNC. The number of embryos straws thawed and transferred is up to MMRRC at UNC discretion. If the embryo transfer is unsuccessful and there are embryos left, the MMRRC at UNC can repeat the thaw and transfer for a reduced fee ($825).

If pups are born, the surrogate will be health tested after pups are weaned. Due to the strict health standards of our colony, every surrogate that births must be sent to Charles River Laboratory for full health testing. The cost of health testing is included. It will take approximately 16 weeks until mice are ready to be transferred to your colony. If genotype verification is needed, we can tail snip the resulting pups at 10 days old. The tail snips will then be available for pick up by the investigator’s lab.