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Once transcripts are initially loaded into ERAS (generally the middle of September, however exact dates vary each year), students are given the opportunity to submit transcript addendums. These requests must be made on the Transcript Addendum form provided by the School of Medicine (SOM) Student Affairs Office. The Office of Student Affairs will email all 4th year students with instructions and a copy of the transcript addendum form closer to the appropriate time. These forms should be completed online (form below) OR emailed to for processing AFTER the posted date (generally October 1, again the exact date varies each year). Students do not need to submit online transcript addendum forms and submit email copies, only one submission is required. We do not require the additional SOM consent form for these forms. Students should make sure the forms are complete including all of the class information that is required for each of the requested adjustments/addendums. If any class information is missing, this will delay the processing of your form. Please note that transcripts cannot be updated until all grades have been submitted for the course. We know how important this process is to each student and we strive to complete each request in a timely manner, however there can be delays that are out of our control (ie: grades). Your patience is greatly appreciated!