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Faculty Member Contacts

Rachel Blasiak
Assistant Professor
Director, Medical Student Education

Dean Morrell
Program Director, Vice Chair Education

Carolyn Ziemer
Assistant Professor

Chris Sayed
Associate Professor

Nancy Thomas
Irene & Robert Alan Briggaman Distinguished Professor

FAQs / Additional Info

How do students get assigned a career goal advisor?
Start by talking with Dr. Rachel Blasiak.  In our small department and competitive field of dermatology, you will likely be mentored by more than one of us.

What should my Individualization Phase look like?
Dermatology Advanced Clinical Selective (DERM 401) as early in the year as possible (March-June), away rotations in dermatology after your rotation with us.  We are happy to talk about more specifics of away rotations and goal of these.

Do all my rotations need to be in Dermatology?
No, but dermatology should be early.

Should I do an away rotation?  What in?
Yes!  Two if possible.  Dermatology ( or a derm subspecialty like pediatric dermatology, Mohs surgery, dermatopathology) at institutions you would be interested in applying to.

Do I need a rotation at UNC if I spent my time in Charlotte/Asheville/Wilmington?
Yes.  You must do the Dermatology rotation in Chapel Hill as you will need a letter from our program director and chair.

When do I need to meet with my career goal advisor?  How do I prepare?
We are happy to meet at any stage of training.  Please have CV, grades, Step 1 and 2 (if applicable) available if requested.

How many letters of recommendation do I need?  From whom should I get them?
3. One should be our UNC Department of Dermatology (program director/chair joint letter). One usually from another faculty member in our department who can speak to your clinical or research abilities.  One from another institution where you did an away rotation if possible.

When do I ask for my letters?  What do they need?
After your rotations.  This stresses the importance of doing your dermatology rotations early so these can be gathered prior to ERAS applications submitted in September.

How do I determine the best programs I should apply to?
This is quite variable and individualized based on the student.  Speaking with the career goal advisors and current dermatology residents may be helpful.  Please do not go down the dermatology applicant Reddit rabbit hole.  It’s a scary place from what we hear.

I just got this great piece of news…do I need to notify programs
Sure, maybe the top few you are interested in.  Know that many institutions create their rank list shortly after interviews when things are fresh in our minds.

My LORs aren’t in, and ERAS just opened!
We will download applications a few weeks after things open.

I am waitlisted for an interview at X and I’d really like to see that program.  What do I do?
You can let the career goal advisors know and we will guide you through next steps.

I didn’t get an interview at X program.  Should I send them a “letter of intent”?

Should I send thank you letters to programs?

Should I send a letter to the program I am planning to rank #1?
Yes!  Emailing the program director and program coordinator is helpful if it is truly your #1.  No playing the field though.

How do I respond if a program reaches out to me after my interview?
Kindly thank them and be honest.