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In late February 2024, UNC Ophthalmology residents faced off against their Wake Forest University and Duke University peers in the second annual Tri-Residency Glaucoma Cup Quiz Bowl. Taking home the trophy for best case presentations, “Team UNC” pulled off their first Glaucoma Cup win in this year’s event (hosted by Duke University) through presenting their learner’s experiences in medical/surgical ophthalmic patient care. Among the glaucoma-related patient cases presented by Team UNC: 1) 2023-2024 Glaucoma Fellow Alexis Pascoe, MD (periventricular leukomalacia); 2) Second-year Resident Obi Wogu, MD (aphakic glaucoma); and 3) First-Year Resident Jason Zehden, MD (optic nerve hypoplasia).

UNC Ophthalmology Residency Program Director Alice Zhang, MD, noted: “UNC made us proud, crushed the competition and brought home the Tri-Residency Glaucoma Cup for the first time! All of UNC’s resident competitors did an amazing job. We’re pleased the Tri-Residency Glaucoma Cup brings together ophthalmology residents across North Carolina as a new learning forum for them to test their knowledge in friendly competition with their peers.”

UNC Department of Ophthalmology Chair Don Budenz, MD, MPH, added: “The UNC residency team of [Drs.] Khalid Aldaas, Patrick Le, and Pooja Shah won this year by a considerable margin. Congratulations to all!”

Glaucoma Fellow Alexis Pascoe, MD

Second year Resident Obi Wogu, MD