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Our vision is to become the nation’s best public musculoskeletal care program.


We will achieve this vision by providing the highest quality clinical care, developing innovative and effective education and research programs, and having a firm commitment to our people.

Our Strategic Framework and Values

Clinical Care and Operations

• We are committed to outstanding and equitable care for every patient
• We work hard to make it easy for our patients and all who help care for them
• We are responsible stewards of healthcare resources

Our People

• We treat each other with respect
• We embody high-functioning, patient-focused teams where all individuals flourish
• We embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion


• We educate using the best methods and materials for each individual
• We inspire lifelong learning and teaching
• We model the highest professional standards as we mentor future generations


• We foster curiosity, innovation, and continual improvement
• We conduct high-quality research that improves lives
• We will create an exceptional research infrastructure to drive significant advances


Dept of Orthopaedics_Strategy Publication 2021