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Hip preservation, (ie. maintaining the function of the natural hip) has become a rapidly expanding field in orthopaedic surgery over the past twenty years. The evolution of hip arthroscopy has allowed more advanced procedures to be performed in a minimally invasive fashion.

The UNC Orthopaedics Hip Preservation Program has one focus – to provide a collaborative approach to hip care in order to maximize a patient’s outcome from hip-related conditions, using the latest and most appropriate methods possible.

Hip arthroscopy is not synonymous with hip preservation. Hip arthroscopy is simply one of the surgical approaches used to treat hip disease. Our hip preservation program is not limited by a single arthroscopic or open skill set – many times a combined approach makes the most sense in tackling complex hip problems. Our team of providers understands that frequently hip preservation may be achieved through skilled physical therapy, injections, or even simply activity modification. We are committed to considering all options with the goal of maximizing function with the least invasive treatment option.

Unfortunately, hip care can be simplified and hip arthroscopy is utilized inappropriately. This can lead to poor outcomes, continued hip disease, and sometimes issues that are no longer amenable to hip preservation. We carefully evaluate every option and sometimes the most invasive method becomes the obvious correct answer for lasting hip function. We strive through case discussion, outcome collection, research, and education to remain on the forefront of hip care and provide unparalleled comprehensive treatment for hip disease.

The hip preservation service focuses on the nonoperative and operative management of all hip-related conditions in children of all ages and young adults. We offer comprehensive hip care to patients with congenital, acquired, traumatic, and sports-related conditions.

Dr. Stone Photo

Joseph Stone, MD
Director UNC Hip Preservation Program