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We treat all types of fractures, and specialize in the complex fractures that are typically “referred out” by other orthopaedic surgeons. In particular, this includes complex fractures of joints and of the pelvis and acetabulum. Also, we treat patients with multiple fractures or of “open” fractures where the bone has been exposed through a wound. We care for fractures that have developed problems with healing, such as a failure to heal (nonunion) or healing incorrectly (malunion).

“Special” Surgeries:

Ilizarov Bone Lengthening. This is a technique, originally developed in Russia by Dr. Ilizarov where bone is broken and allowed to begin healing. Gradually the healing bone is stretched into a new position or shape. It is often used to “lengthen” bones that are too short, but can also be used to correct deformities and to close defects due to bone loss.

Hip Arthroscopy. Hip arthroscopy is a modification of techniques used in the more commonly arthroscoped joints such as the knee and shoulder. It can allow the removal of loose bodies after dislocation and allow the diagnosis of unexplained hip pain. Most importantly, it is now being used to treat “hip impingement,” wherein the front of the joint “pinches” hard together in certain positions, tearing the labrum at the front of the hip socket and damaging the cartilage. The torn labrum and damaged cartilage can be removed and a burr can take away some of the prominent bone responsible for the “pinching.” [read more or watch video …]