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Privacy incidents are urgent matters that pose immediate risks to confidentiality, privacy and security of patient information. If you know or suspect that a potential breach of protected health information (PHI) or a violation of UNC Health HIPAA policies has occurred you should report it immediately.

You may report privacy incidents through two methods:

  1. Online Reporting System
    • To submit an online report, visit
    • The online reporting system is the preferred method to communicate your concerns because it provides the UNC Health Privacy Office with all of the details of the situation so they may initiate an investigation right away.
    • You may upload supporting documents as well as submit the report anonymously.
  2. Hotline Calls
    • You may also report your privacy concerns by phone (1-800-362-2921). Visit the UNC Health Hotline for more information.
    • Hotline calls may be made anonymously.
Incidents UNC Health has made patient privacy a top priority by implementing a series of Privacy and Information Security Policies and ensuring that our workforce is trained on these HIPAA policies annually. The UNC Health Privacy Office has been assigned the responsibility of investigating any potentially inappropriate use, access or disclosure of patient information.

The UNC Health Privacy Office investigates all alleged breaches of patient information reported by its workforce, patients or members of the community. We will work to resolve the issue reported in order to safeguard patients’ confidential information and improve UNC Health business practices. The UNC Health Chief Privacy Officer determines the appropriate level of response to mitigate potential harm including notification to patients and collaboration with Human Resources to determine if corrective action is needed.

File a Privacy Complaint Any individual or their legal representative may file a formal complaint with UNC Health Privacy Office if they believe their privacy rights have been violated.

To report a known or suspected violation of patient privacy, please contact the UNC HealthS Privacy Office through the Online Reporting System. A member of our team will review your concerns and take appropriate internal action. You may choose to leave your contact information or report the incident anonymously.

Our Notice of Privacy Practices describes how medical information about you may be used and disclosed. It also outlines your rights, including the right to complain about our privacy practices. To do that, please email the UNC Health Privacy Office at or by phone at 984.974.1069.