A primary goal of the UNC program is for the resident to not only have excellent experiences as a learner, but also assume an increasing responsibility for his or her own education. The curriculum offers a balanced program of experiences at each level of training.

PL-1 Year

The PL-1 resident functions as a primary care physician and develops skills and knowledge necessary to understand, evaluate, and manage common pediatric problems on the ward, in the newborn nursery, in the NICU and in the Emergency Department.

PL-2 Year

The PL-2 resident develops the skills and experience necessary to supervise a ward or nursery team and to treat patients effectively in the acute care and intensive care settings.

PL-3 Year

The PL-3 resident has completed most of the basic core of ward, nursery, and outpatient experience. During the year, the resident continues to be a supervising resident on the clinical rotations and gains further expertise in elective areas.