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Today I did something that I have not ever done in my baby’s 14 years of life…we went through a fast food drive through!!! We also bought some sushi and baked vegan cookies. Food Allergy Participant eating Chick-fil-AWe still avoided our allergens but this was a huge step for us! I didn’t have to freak out about cross contamination, or the facility it was cooked in, or the hands that may have prepared it. Say what??? He ate grilled chicken nuggets and fries from Chic-fil-a, 2 dozen salmon sushi and a dozen vegan chocolate chip cookies from Earthfare. To say he was excited is an understatement!!!!! I’m so thankful for this study and all that everyone at UNC is doing to help expand the “bubble” that so many kids like mine have to live in due to severe food allergies. This may be one small, insignificant step for millions of people daily but for us….it was a GIANT step towards NORMALCY!!!!!  This study is 100% worth it!

-Ali T.


Our lives have literally been changed because of our time in the peanut allergy study. The time that we have invested in appointments and dosing have been minimal compared to the peace of mind that we have gained through this study. ALL of the staff at the UNC Allergy study have been helpful and kind throughout every stage of the study. This program is well organized and is committed to helping families become more confident as they navigate life with a child who has a severe allergy.

-Cathy A.


We had never participated in a study before so we weren’t sure what to expect. Well the staff at UNC exceeded our expectations and made us feel very informed and comfortable during the entire process. This medication could prove to be life changing for those with food allergies and we are thankful to be a part of the trial. I will never forget the look on my child’s face when she ate her first Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup- it made the time we spent and the challenges we faced well worth it!

-Julee K.