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Positions available in the Hahn lab

The Hahn lab is seeking postdoctoral fellows with interests in protein engineering and/or the dynamics of cytoskeletal and adhesion complexes in cell biology and immune function.  We develop and apply novel biosensor designs, methods to control protein function with light or through designed allosteric regulation, and cutting edge microscopy.  We are also seeking a postdoctoral fellow experienced in the design and execution of complex multi-step organic syntheses, and interested in chemical biology. This position offers the opportunity for an organic chemist to move into a new area of research, focusing on projects that combine organic synthesis and molecular biology, developing and applying new tools for the imaging and manipulation of signaling pathways in vivo. Finally, we seek a postdoctoral fellow to work on the development of novel microscopes and related biophysical techniques. These projects require an understanding of physics, physical chemistry, microscope design and/or programming. Please visit the Hahn lab website at hahnlab.com for more information.



posted 5/12/2014

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Positions available in Song lab

We are currently recruiting motivated postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, research associates, and undergraduates. Our research uses a combination of cutting-edge technologies and approaches, including optogenetics, high-resolution microscopy, in vitro and in vivo electrophysiology, genetic lineage tracing and molecular biology; experience in one or more of these approaches would be beneficial. However, we will consider candidates from a variety of backgrounds, provided they make a compelling case for contributing to the objectives and goals of the lab.

Postdoctoral Fellows: Prospective postdocs should submit a CV, a description of past research accomplishments and future research interests, and the names and contact information for at least two references.

Graduate Students: Graduate students can apply through the UNC graduate programs, such as BBSP or MSTP. The lab will be accepting rotation students starting from the fall 2013. Graduate students who are interested in our research should contact Dr. Juan Song directly to set up a time to discuss possible projects.

Research Associates: Individuals with at least a BA/BS degree and research experience that are particularly interested in the approaches and objectives of our lab should contact Dr. Juan Song directly about potential employment opportunities.

Undergraduate Students: There are several projects available to highly motivated undergraduates interested in our research. Please send a CV/resume to Dr. Juan Song along with a description of your research interests and career objectives. Our primary criterion for evaluating undergraduate applicants is evidence of a high degree of motivation and dedication.

For more information please consult Dr. Song's faculty webpage or contact her by email.

-posted 4/30/ 2013

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Novel regulation of Heterotrimeric G protein Activation

TWO  Postdoctoral Positions are currently open to identify novel regulatory elements in G protein activation.  The successful candidate must have a PhD and experience in biochemistries.   Knowledge and experience with mass spectrometry is a plus.   For more information, contact Dr. Alan Jones alan_jones@unc.edu.

posted 9/12/12

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The Roth lab has posted  2 open positions

Please consult the Roth Lab webpage for more information:



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Postdoctoral Position Available in Andrea Nackley’s Lab

Our lab integrates molecular genetics, animal models, and clinical epidemiologic measures to understand neurobiological processes underlying persistent pain as well as to identify unique markers for the diagnosis of clinical pain conditions in order to ultimately provide novel targets for the development of effective individualized pain therapeutics. Currently, we are seeking a postdoctoral fellow to work in the area of pain neurobiology. Experience in molecular biology, neuroscience, or related fields is required. Applicants must be highly motivated, organized, dependable, and possess excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Please provide curriculum vitae and names/contact information for 3 references.


Andrea Nackley, PhD
Center for Neurosensory Disorders
University of North Carolina
385 South Columbia Street
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7455

Communication is preferred via email: Andrea_nackley@dentistry.unc.edu


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Temporary Full-Time Position as Postdoctoral Fellow in Whitehurst Lab

Our laboratory is seeking a highly motivated and enthusiastic post-doctoral fellow.  The Whitehurst lab is focused on gaining a mechanistic understanding of the core molecular components that specify tumorigenic phenotypes at the cancer cell autonomous level. To realize this goal, the laboratory employs genome wide siRNA screening to isolate gene products supporting the survival, proliferation and chemosensitivity of tumor cells.  Please see our paper in Whitehurst et al .: Nature, 2007, 446:815.

Experience in biochemistry, molecular biology and cell biology required.  Must be organized, possess excellent communication skills and be able to work easily with others in the laboratory.  Applicant must be a author/coauthor on at least one peer reviewed manuscript.

Please send curriculum vitae and contact information of three references to:

Angelique Whitehurst PhD
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Department of Pharmacology
4093 Genetic Medicine
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7365

Communication is preferred through email: awhit1@med.unc.edu.


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Post-doc positions available in Zefeng Wang’s lab:

Highly motivated individuals are invited to join a newly established functional genomics lab.  The goal of our lab is to understand how splicing is regulated in a systematic level.  Our main approach is to collect a ‘part list’ of splicing regulation, and to further determine how they functionally interact to each other so that to assemble a set of general rules of splicing (i.e. the splicing code).  Both experimental and computational methods are used to identify regulatory elements of splicing in genomic scale.  Please see our papers (Wang et al.:  Cell, 2004, 119: 831-845 and Mol. Cell,2006, 23: 61-70) for the background and flavor of our research.

Experiences in biochemistry, molecular biology, bioinformatics, statistics or related fields are required.  Must be organized, possess good communication skills, and willing to explore new techniques.

Please send curriculum vitae and contact information of three references to:
Zefeng Wang, Ph.D.
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Department of Pharmacology
4009 Genetic Medicine, CB# 7365
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7365

I prefer contact through email:   zefeng@med.unc.edu


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For more information on job openings, please see the UNC-CH Employment Office.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is an Equal Opportunity ADA Employer.
Women and Minorities are encouraged to apply.