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Boshamer Distinguished Professor, Microbiology & Immunology Professor, Pharmacology Vice Dean for Research, UNC School of Medicine Member, Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center

Research Interests

  • Virus-associated cancers
  • cancer biology
  • signal transduction
  • immunology

Research Synopsis

Our lab is interested in the study of viral cancers associated with oncogenic human viruses such as Kaposi’s sarcoma -associated herpesvirus. We study viral oncogenes, viral signaling proteins and viral transcription factors and also use animal models to study viral pathogenesis. The projects in our laboratory encompass the areas of signal transduction, apoptosis, angiogenesis, transcription and recombinant herpesvirus production. We employ the latest techniques in molecular biology, cell biology and biochemistry to investigate key issues in viral oncogenesis.

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Blossom A. Damania, PhD