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Advise. Advocate. Develop. Expand.

Started in 2014, the UNC Center for Excellence in Community Mental Health Advisory Board was created to support the mission of the Center by advising and assisting in the development of the overall strategy for the Center. The Board will serve as an advocate for Center programs to increase their visibility internally and externally and to assist in the Center’s fundraising efforts.


  • Provide guidance and expertise that will help Center leadership address the Center’s operational goals and challenges.
  • Act as a sounding Board for major program initiatives.
  • Advise on the scope & operations of the Center. This includes developing its brand, communications & how individual programs fit together.


  • Serve as an advocate for the Center programs to help increase its visibility, both internally and externally.
  • Establish beneficial connections, and partnerships.
  • Identify key people in legislation who can be of assistance to Center programs and initiatives.


  • Review the financial viability of the program and offer advice to Center leadership.
  • Assist in the fundraising efforts and event promotion.
  • Identify potential donors and help establish a relationship between them and the Center.


  • Recruit new Full Board or At Large Board members.
  • Participate in a Board subcommittee and identify like minded individuals who would like to assist the committee.
    • 4 Subcommittees: Fundraising, Advocacy/Connections, Advice/Center Operations, People

Become a Board member!

The CECMH Advisory Board is voluntary with a minimum commitment of two years. Members have included family of individuals with mental illness, business owners, health care professionals, legal advocates, and more. If you wish to contribute to the success of the UNC Center for Excellence in Community Mental Health, please email your resume to Thava Mahadevan.

Don’t want to be a full fledged board member? Join a Subcommittee! Our four subcommittees are looking for talented individuals who can help support the mission of the Advisory Board.