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Nadia E. Charguia, MD 
Associate Professor
Executive Medical Director (interim), Integrated Well-Being Program for UNC Healthcare
Director, Taking Care of Our Own Program
Medical Director, UNC Psychiatry Outpatient Services


Where we are and where we are going cannot exist without embracing our own well-being.

Working in the realm of wellness and well-being at UNC has been just as much an amazing professional as well as personal experience for me. This work has evolved to such an incredible extent over the course of these many years. I am excited to continue to focus and develop our many ongoing initiatives that pertain to a number of important areas of need. As a program, we strive to continue to connect more and more with all of our UNC teammates as well as within our healthcare system, with a continued mission to shift our well-being culture in meaningful and impactful ways.

As we continue to move through the pandemic, the need to promote our own health and well-being has been front and center. Yet, this work does not always feel accessible or as doable, particularly when faced with persistent stressors and adversity, many aspects of which are not in our control.

I am thankful for the incredible team I work with, as the well-being program and our partners continue to develop a number of new programs and initiatives to provide accessible as well as impactful resources that strive to meet the well-being needs of our healthcare teammates. Broad strokes to understand and help address the collective needs of our system are critical.

That being said, on a personal level, what remains most grounding to me are the individual conversations I get to have with many of my UNC teammates on a daily basis.

Those who work in healthcare are so used to always going, giving and caring for others, but often have difficulties connecting with time to care for themselves. I am so thankful and privileged to take care of my healthcare teammates so they are better able to care for themselves and the others they have dedicated their professional livelihood to serve.