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Innovation has been a long-standing strength of the Therapeutic Medical Physics Division, exemplified by our pioneering work in image-based treatment planning systems during the 1980’s (PLanUNC), and today, in the development of nanotechnology-based radiation research technology.


Welcome to the webpage of the Division of Therapeutic Medical Physics. The Division consists of busy clinical physics, dosimetry and computing groups that support state of the art radiotherapy clinical services, and also participate in a variety of multidisciplinary research programs.

Medical Physics Residency Training Program

Residency training in medical physics at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine began in 2010 with the acceptance of our first student and since 2014, accepts two new student per year for the two year program.

Residency Program Applicants:

Please refer to the medical physics residency training program information pages using the links below:

UNC Cancer Hospital Physics Group