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Our Cancer Biology Division has as its focus the molecular underpinnings of cancer etiology and radiation response, and application of this knowledge to new cancer drug discovery.

The Division consists of five faculty members whose research efforts encompass both mechanistic studies of the basis of cancer development and maintenance, and translational research into molecular target validation and new drug and biomarker discovery. Similarly, our research on cellular responses to radiation bridges both types of research. Our internationally-recognized investigators use state-of-the-art model systems and animal-, cell- and in vitro-based biological, biochemical and molecular biology techniques to study oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes.


Dr. Adrienne Cox (lab) concentrates on signaling from Ras and Rho family small GTPases in pancreatic and colorectal cancer models.
Dr. Gaorav Gupta (lab) researches cancer biomarkers, and the interplay between genome integrity pathways and breast cancer initiation, progression, and response to therapy.
Dr. Andrew Wang (lab) researches nanotechnology-based methods of targeting radiation and drug delivery to tumors using cells in culture and mouse models of cancer, and cancer biomarkers.
Dr. Elaine Zeman is a clinically-oriented radiation biologist who devotes herself to the biology teaching needs of our radiation oncology residents, medical physics and biomedical engineering graduate students, and radiation therapy and medical dosimetry trainees.
Yanping Zhang Dr. Yanping Zhang (lab) specializes in the p53/Mdm2/Arf tumor suppressor pathway in leukemias and solid tumor models.

We are a highly collaborative group and maintain close associations with colleagues within the Department, the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, and with top investigators both nationally and internationally from academia and the pharmaceutical industry.