Our highly collaborative environment has fostered world-class multidisciplinary oncology clinics here at UNC, where every new cancer patient receives a comprehensive treatment recommendation on the day of initial consultation that includes input from members of all the oncologic specialties, including radiation oncology. As such, we serve as the specialty oncology referral center for the entire state of North Carolina. The Department also has close ties with the world-renowned UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, which have significantly enhanced our research and bench-side to bed-side focus. Members of our Clinical Division develop and participate in innovative translational clinical trials at both the institutional and national levels. Our faculty also provide excellent multi-disciplinary clinical services at our affiliated centers in Raleigh, Wakefield, Smithfield, Clayton, High Point and Caldwell, NC.

Nineteen radiation oncologists spearhead our Clinical Division to provide services at our treatment centers:

  • NC Cancer Hospital in Chapel Hill
  • Rex Cancer Center in Raleigh
  • Rex Cancer Center of Wakefield
  • Smithfield Radiation Oncology
  • Clayton Radiation Oncology
  • Rockingham Radiation Oncology in Eden
  • High Point Radiation Oncology
  • Caldwell Radiation Oncology in Lenoir

Some of our faculty physicians specialize in different disease sites, while others provide more general radiation oncology services. A list of our physicians and their areas of expertise include:

Chapel Hill

  • Dr. Ronald Chen: prostate cancer; trained in CyberKnife
  • Dr. Bhisham Chera: head and neck cancers
  • Dr. Gaorav Gupta: breast cancer
  • Dr. Ellen Jones: gynecologic and breast cancers
  • Dr. Lawrence Marks, Professor and Chair: breast and lung cancers
  • Dr. Colette Shen: brain tumors and pediatric cancers
  • Dr. Joel Tepper: gastrointestinal cancers and sarcomas; trained in CyberKnife
  • Dr. Andrew Wang: prostate cancer; trained in CyberKnife
  • Dr. Ashley Weiner: gastrointestinal and gynecologic cancers

Wake and Johnston Counties

  • Dr. Roger Anderson: general radiation oncology and head and neck cancer
  • Dr. Courtney Bui: general radiation oncology
  • Dr. John Fakiris: general radiation oncology and lung cancer
  • Dr. Debra Harr: general radiation oncology
  • Dr. Byron Huff: prostate cancer
  • Dr. Daniel Oh: general radiation oncology
  • Dr. Nathan Sheets: general radiation oncology and prostate cancer
  • Dr. Justin Wu: general radiation oncology and breast cancer


  • Dr. Mohit Kasibhatla: general radiation oncology

High Point

  • Dr. Heather Pacholke: general radiation oncology


  • Dr. Roger Holland: general radiation oncology

We employ state-of-the-art equipment and treatment planning systems to deliver IMRT (intensity modulated radiation therapy) and IGRT (image guided radiation therapy), utilizing both CT-on-rails and CyberKnife stereotactic techniques. We also have active high dose rate brachytherapy, TomoTherapy and Mobetron intraoperative radiotherapy programs.

Of particular interest are clinical trials in Radiation Oncology. Some of our trials are developed by Department faculty, and can be offered only at UNC and our affiliated centers, thus providing our patients with unique treatment opportunities. Other trials that have been initiated by members of our Department are also available nationally, offered through cooperative clinical trials.